R.I.P Mr.Sophie

Those special memories of you will always bring a smile. I will always have a special little place for you in my heart you”lil Rascal”!! You meant so much to me, to the way you loved me and to how caring and protective you were,or the look on your face when someone would wake you up in the middle of dreaming about your treats,to the times you would give me high fives when you would see me, or taking those awesome naps that we would when no one was around,damn I miss those Mr.Sophie!! I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for your last days but you were always in my heart bud,there wasn’t a day I didn’t or don’t think about you! I will always be greatful that I got a chance to know you and built a real friendship with you Mr.Soph.

I love you and miss you so much!!1354147741248

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